About Me


I am Laly, short for Elaury. I created LalyClawson to give you inspiration on how to dress both conservatively and fashionably. Here, you’ll find ideas and tips on how to enjoy the life you are creating in the most meaningful way.

I started learning about fashion and modest outfits in the Dominican Republic, my homeland. Dressing modestly was so expensive there that I started shopping for outfits online to find more affordable options. That opened the door for me to learn how to find great deals for clothes that were fashionable but still conservative. I did that for about 5 years. Then, I moved to the United States and got married to my best friend, the person who supports all my hopes and dreams.

 I had so many ideas about sharing my interest in modesty, lifestyle experiences, and beauty tips, so I created a blog in 2015 that focused on sharing the beauty of finding and wearing conservative, modern clothes. This blog was mainly for me, but 3 years later I decided to make it public, just before I discovered that I was pregnant! 

My husband and I wanted a baby for such a long time that I stopped everything and focused on preparing to receive our baby boy, who is today our biggest and greatest blessing. 

I am happy to be back and share my main purpose with LalyClawson which is helping you find fashionable clothes that preserve your modesty, help you feel beautiful, and are more affordable. I’ll be covering Style, Lifestyle, Beauty, and Shop.

In Style, you’ll find modest outfits for every occasion, well-matched clothes, and the freshest, most fashionable looks.
In Lifestyle, I’ll share my adventures and advice for traveling, cooking and home life.
In Beauty, discover the best tips for hair and makeup!
In Shop, you can snag deals for all seasons, and get unbelievable discounts for whatever is in right now.

You can reach out to me via Instagram @LalyClawson and email me at laly@lalyclawson.com. I look forward to hearing from you!

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